Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If at first.........

Well hello again BU-ers. I guess now is the time for me to try, try, try again, so here goes............

More to follow when I've figured out how to womble ( blog? ) on.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Reflective Access & Practice

Not only am I finding this part of the course particularly difficult to get my head round but I am also suffering extreme problems with on-line access to the BU Library and Ebrary.

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Upon reflection, I'm wondering if this is the right course for me?!

Yours frustratingly.............

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's a MAd world - for those in the know........

Hi BU Gang

Sorry it's not that original but at least it exists - I hope?!

You can also gather a little of where I am coming from from my previous 2 blogs!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Database State & ID Cards - the End of UK Freedom & Democracy?

The fact is that British individual rights are being trampled on left right and centre.

Far more sinister is the fact that the current 'New Labour' (sic) government is hell-bent on creating an Orwellian database state which will leave us all beholden to the very people we elect to represent us – not to oppress us.

I have been staggered to discover that many people are unaware of the existence, let alone the ramifications for their individual liberty, of the impending introduction into the UK of draconian ID Card legislation - but also very encouraged by people's almost total rejection of it, once explained.

NO2ID, Amnesty and an increasing number of other organisations and individuals are fully aware of the dangers and encourage all right-minded freeborn British subjects to bear these in mind at the forthcoming General Election. Mr. Blair says we have a choice at this election and he is right – it is between preserving our privacy, freedom of movement and association; or becoming slaves to an ever more authoritarian state.

Ex Home Secretary, Mr. Blunkett, the greatest advocate of ID Cards, actually said “ID Cards will do nothing to stop terrorism”(?!). So what are they and their associated National Registration Database for, if not to control the populace? The price of freedom is eternal vigilance – and now is the time to be extremely vigilant and ask those who seek to represent us exactly where they stand on this fundamental issue.

For God's sake VOTE but please, NOT LABOUR!

What do you think?

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Friday, November 26, 2004


So, 'Citizen' Blunkett thinks ID cards will bring enormous benefits to us as individuals and as a society? - Huh?! ID Cards are the ultimate oppressive 'Big Brother' tool.

Because they will gives us ( the government ) the wherewithal to :-

To deter illegal working }
} Use existing powers to control our borders!
To tackle immigration abuse }

To strengthen security by disrupting the use of false and multiple identities by terrorists and organised crime groups - Rubbish! If anyone can replicatethem, these people can!

To ensure free public services are only used by those entitled to them -We already have the means to do that - create SPECIFIC entitlement cards, if absolutley necessary.!

To help protect people from identity theft - ID Cards will assist this process!

The whole concept of a UK Identity Card is completely at odds with the British way of life, of which Citizen Blunkett is most disparaging and his espousal of this is turning him into the most anti-democratic Home Secretary in this country's history - so much so that Stalin would be proud of him!

He has no mandate and therefore no right to introduce this measure to this country, for who's freedoms and way of life, my father died to preserve ( as a result of WW II ).

Blunkett and this government seem hell-bent on selling our birthright for a mess of bland Euro Human Rights pottage and should be truly ashamed of themselves.

I am confident that there are many millions like me who will never acceptthis alien concept and will fight it with every means at our disposal -thereby rendering it even more unworkable than it is ( technically ) already.

We must STOP this Big Brother Creep and continual erosion of everything this country has stood for and help it return to its liberal democratic roots.

This is what I sent to the two 'Honourable Gentleman' - Blair & Blunkett, some time ago:-

To: The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, MP & The Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, MP
Dear Prime Minister & Home Secretary,

ID -

My father fought in WWII - eventually dying as a result - for our right to live as a free people and I am sure that he and many like him will be turning in their graves ( especially today, November 11th. ) at the specious arguments being propagated today in favour of the introduction of ID cards in this great country of ours.

Times have changed but all the more reason for us to be increasingly vigilant in guarding against them. It is not too late to stop the rot and turn back the clock on the ever increasing tendency of our elected governments to snoop and interfere in the everyday lives of their electors. We need a good apple approach, not a bad apple / lowest common denominator one. ( ‘Dumb up’, not down! ).

Always remember that you and your fellow MPs - of all parties - are elected to represent us, not to oppress, us!

If we have a major problem with illegal immigrants, let us control our borders and deal with them, not those who have a legitimate right to live and work in Britain. Let us educate people properly again and make them responsible for and to their fellow-countrymen and women.

Stop this Orwellian nonsense now and concentrate on prosecuting law breakers, not law abiders; or you are in danger – as with surveillance and speed cameras, hunting etc – of seriously alienating your electorate and making a vast number of the latter into the former!

Yours sincerely

cc James Gray MP and Leaders of Con. & Lib.Dem. Parties / Met. Police Commissioner.

As someone texted BBC Radio 4's PM tonight - "why shouldn't I have something to hide.......". Well, what do you think..................????